Custom Art and Handmade Items


Custom Art and Handmade Items


You can find all information on my current active Socials Below and the link to access them is this one right here --->


Merch is now available for purchase over on my merch website. I current go through Spring (previous TeeSpring) and have many designs and items to choose from. 

Saturday october 1st there will be a Halloween merch release that will be available for a limited time only until November 5th at 11:59PM (GMT-6).

Premium items such as beanies, keychain, etc have recently been unlocked and will be coming soon under a new "Moontoxity" themed merch release.

If you have any issues with your order from Spring, please contact their Customer support team!


In recent months I have created a discord to connect all my Socials under a single Community. Here I can Interact on a more personal level with those who chose to follow me. Some special features of my Discord are as follows:

*VIP Access*

VIP Access is granted to members of my discord who are subbed to me on Twitch. They get a special role in my discord giving them access to a VIP Chat, WIPs, Sneak Peeks, VIP Codes and more.

*Moontoxite Points*

Thanks to one of my Mods, we were able to get the Premium version of Mee6, giving the Discord access to custom points they can earn through dailies, work command and mini games. Points can be traded in for giveaway tickets and commission coupons.

*Dicord Exclusive Giveaways*

Joining the discord also gives you access to the discord exclusive giveaways. Giveaways can be physical items, Moontoxite Points, and Discount coupons.


Joining the discord will keep you up to date with Announcements, Twitch Live Notifications, give poll access for community decision making in projects and giveaways.


The discord also has some fun bots available. Aside from Mee6 and it's many features including custom commands, we also have Rock Puppy that includes some fun Mini Games and PokéTwo that allows you to catch Pokémon within the discord. I personally spawn incense to allow more mon to show up during special events, or when I'm bored.


If you have ever wanted to personally game with me, best bet is to join the discord. I personally play on PS4, Nintendo Switch and plan to get a PC. Lots of games are starting to become cross play as well.


If you enjoy DND we have DND sessions that are held by one of our Mods. Current game is full, but as games end, more will become available. Both PG and 18 Plus DND games are an option so everyone can enjoy.


I started streaming on Twitch on August 23rd 2021 four times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays). Streaming so far has mainly been crafting, just talking and gaming. Though I got my Affiliate after a month of Streaming, I didn't apply and have my first Affiliate stream until November. Early to mid 2022, with the help of my Husband, I was able to get accessories for a PC and my Husband bought me my PC to better my streaming. I have follower and Sub emotes plus fun little games on stream as well as Sound Alerts.



I only have one Facebook Page for my Moontoxity name and one facebook group. I will never make a personal profile for Moontoxity. That being said, my Facebook Page is Chaos. I post my art, crafting, sometimes life events and whatever there.


I have three Instagram Accounts. @Moontoxity is my main where I post my art and crafting. @IAmMoontoxity for my Collections and @thepokéheartproject for a nice album for my Pokéhearts. Currently waiting on the release of gen 9.



I have two TikTok accounts and generally post on them whenever. The main for art and crafting is Moontoxity and the Collections on is IAmMoontoxity, same as my Instagram accounts.

Other Socials

I have created other Socials using the Moontoxity name such as Twitter, tumblr, etc but am not active on any of them.