Custom Art and Handmade Items


Custom Art and Handmade Items


Mini Starting at...$15CAD

Small Starting at...$20CAD

Large Starting at...$40CAD

Heartures Starting at...$20CAD

Screen Peekies BG Starting at...$40CAD


Buttons of Pre-made Art

     Regular Colour: $7CAD

     Holographic: $10CAD

Buttons for Comm Art

     Regular Colour: $12CAD

     Holographic: $15CAD

Please Note: Comm buttons are depending on what you'd like for your custom button. More complex designs will be more price wise.


*Digital Pieces will be sent to you via JPEG file to the email you provide. Pricing listed are starting prices. More detailed digital commission will be higher in prices added detailing takes time. Please take this into consideration when commissioning a digital piece.*

*Please give me as much detail and references when commissioning digital and traditional art. A sketch will be presented to you before continuing on with line work. I will honor 3 changes done after presenting you with the sketch. After 3 changes are done and you still want more changed to  the sketch before I proceed to the lineart and colour, an additional $2CAD charge will be issued per each change after the initial 3. Changes will not be made once I am given the go ahead for lineart.*