Custom Art and Handmade Items


Custom Art and Handmade Items

About My Website

After going over the settings and options on my website, I have decided to not use my website as an online store, but rather to use it as an informational blog for my followers and fan base. On my website you’ll find showcases of my art, announcements, things that are coming soon, my commissions info and pricing as well as a means to contact me off Instagram and Facebook if you so desire.

I have many plans for the future of my website and Social Media as a whole. Currently I'm all about making blanks designs to be made into molds for resin pieces.

You’ll be able to find future announcements of such things here as well as on my Social Media. So keep an eye on my website and other Social Media for hints, sneak peeks and announcements!


Merch is now available over on my merch site! You can read more about it and upcoming new releases in my Socials section.

Original Mold Designs

If you have been following me on my Facebook or Instagram, you would have known that I have started getting my own designs for blanks done. 

I pay @craftywitch.craftshop (she is amazing, check her out on insta) to make acrylic bkanks out of my designs. Once the designs ship and arrive, I remove their protective stickers, clean them and mold them. I have made a few pieces from some of the molds so far and am quite happy with the results!

Third batch has arrived. Pieces just need to be assembled and I am waiting on silicone!


For those who follow my Instagram and my facebook page, I have started dabbling in the wonderful world of woodburning or Pyrography. Tis where you take a Pyrography Pen and draw designs on wood using the heat the tool gives out to a connected metal conductor. This may be a new commission or pre-made medium I'll be adding to my arsenal of crafty stuffs. Currently wanting to get a new, more professional grade, Pyrography pen. So stay tuned!


I have a sewing machine but have been afraid to use it. To counter that dumb fear, during my yes Day with my Fiancé he bought me fabric, a sewing desk and @PinkuArt's tutorial on how she make her Mochi plushies. So in the next few weeks, we'll see how that goes. I have sewn before (all throughout Jr High and Highschool) and have made plushies before. Crochet uh. . . Didn't work out.