Custom Art and Handmade Items


Custom Art and Handmade Items

About My Website

After going over the settings and options on my website, I have decided to not use my website as an online store, but rather to use it as an informational blog for my followers and fan base. On my website you’ll find showcases of my art, announcements, things that are coming soon, my commissions info and a means to contact me off Instagram and Facebook if you so desire.

Like it says in my home menu, I will have items that I have pre-made for sale in my Etsy shop occasionally. I have also decided to only close commissions when I am overwhelmed with current commissions or need a break. That being said, commissions will always be open.

I have many plans for the future of my website and Social Media as a whole. I do plan to design pins and hold kickstarters for them. I’d like to get my art cards and small product cards made. The list goes on.

You’ll be able to find future announcements of such things here as well as on my Social Media. So keep an eye on my website and other Social Media for hints, sneak peeks and announcements!

Art Business Card

Small Product Card

My Cards!

Hey Moontoxins! I am very pleased to say that the designs for my art card and my small product cards are finished. You’ll see them switching between each other above.

Plans for these, is when you order something from me off my Etsy shop, or you commission me, I will be including an art card in with it. The art card is like a business card. It has my Social Media information and such on it. For the small products card, I will include it when you order or commission such items like earrings, necklaces, pins, etc. Your item will be attached to the card itself on the little rainbow heart in the center.