Custom Art and Handmade Items


Custom Art and Handmade Items


A Little About Myself


I'm a 25 year old Female from Canada. My name is Shynabreann (Shyna for short) and I am happily engaged with my significant other of 7 years. We have two beautiful girls together and I am currently pregnant with baby number 3!

I have been drawing traditional for as long as I can remember and have ventured into digital 2 years ago. 

Crafting wise, I have been glass etching since 2013, working and sculpting with Polymer Clay since 2015 and have been making resin pieces since Spring of 2019.

I would rather start a small business doing the things I love and getting to see my babies grow up, then having my kids raised by someone else and working a job I can't stand. 

My Fiancé is very supportive of my crafty and artistic endeavours. I hope to grow my small online business to be a success.


Pre-Made Items

At this time, I generally take commissions, but will have some Pre-made items available on my Facebook and possibly my Instagram on occasion. I have ultimately decided to close down my etsy shop as it was unsuccessful.


Commissions will now generally stay open until I can no longer take anymore. I will announce when I become overwhelmed with commissions. You can find the status of my Commissions below. For more information and Commission pricing, please refer to the Commissions section found in my menu. For commissions, at this time, it is best to contact me through my facebook art page or by going to my ”Contact” section.

Commission Status:

Art - Closed

Resin - Closed

Polymer Clay - Closed

Glass Etching - Closed


*Commissions for Resin, Polymer Clay and Glass Etching will be closed until around November 2020. Being pregnant, it is highly recommended no to use any type of craft product that produces potentially harmful fumes to baby. At this time, those three are a big no no. My baby is Due early October, however, as I may be needing to go in for a C-section like my two previous pregnancies, baby will most likely come earlier. That being said, I'll need around 6 weeks of recovery time before I can start crafting again. Sorry for any inconvenience! I may, however open up Digital or Traditional Galaxy Commissions.*


June 2020 Update:

I had an appointment with my OBGYN on May 29th 2020, and she cleared me to use Polymer Clay. With everything going on right now, my commissions for Polymer Clay will remain closed until I feel like your commissions will get to you and not be lost or stalled for x amount of months. More news, two of the Ultrasoundists I have seen said baby is going to be a boy, third Ultrasoundist I saw June 8th 2020, said that is was definitely a boy. My heart is full and my family will be complete come this late September/Early October